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18 thoughts on “Home

  1. If you ever make another book that is about Marley, Kris, and Van(like that series) can you PLEASE keep Van and Mike together and have Marley date Connor? I literally think they should date whenever I read about Marley and Connor. I really would like them both to have happily ever afters with each other.(not really that’d be unrealistic) But I mean I want them to further the relationship. Not just date and be like been there done that. I’m not really talking marriage because that’d be going a bit extreme… But to be honest I was thinking it.
    Okay thanks, I love your books by the way!! I hope you write forever!(Another thing that’s unrealistic, but a girl can dream!)

      1. I don’t mean way he acts weird. Like how he acted when Marley found out she had to sell Cruise in order for her family to keep their farm and pay some debts off. I meant when he was teasing her and it was more friendship than date appearance, not all gooey and cliche.

  2. Hi Katie our names are Georgia and Darcy and we are massive fans of you book. Our favorite series is Dream on and since reading your blog we desperately want to know when the new one, dream once more, is going to come out. We have read (and re-read) the sneak peak and it looks A-MA-ZING please, please, please get back to us we can not wait for some more of your books.

    Devoted fans
    Georgia and Darcy

    1. Hi Georgia and Darcy, thanks for your message! So glad to hear you enjoy the books so much. The Dare to Dream books are my favourites too, and Dream Once More is definitely still in the pipeline. Unfortunately it keeps getting pushed back by all the other books I’m trying to write 😦 Rest assured that I am still thinking about it a lot – I actually wrote a few pages of it just a week ago and I can’t wait to find the time to get more written. At the moment the plan is to have it out for Christmas 2018 (another whole year, I know!) but I’ll try to get one or two more sneak peeks out for you in the meantime.

  3. I’ve read your Pony Jumpers and the Dare to Dream books and found both series fabulous! I saw the heading “Horse books for horse people” and my immediate thought was “by horse people”! I love you obvious experience in the subject. It makes the books especially enjoyable. Keep them coming. They just keep getting better and better! Can’t wait for Irish Luck…

  4. Hi! I am like Pony Jumpers biggest EVER FAN and I was wondering are you going to be writing pony jumpers book #11 because I LOVE the book series and am completely addicted but sadly I have nearly finished book #10… So I was wondering if you are going to make any more!?? Please do we all love your books!!!

    1. Hi Charlie! I’m working on a special edition book at the moment called IRISH LUCK which is a bit of backstory for Dan and Keeley who popped up in book 10 🙂 Book 11 will be the next installment of Susannah’s story and I have bits of it written already, I can’t wait to get stuck into it over winter and hope to have it out in July. Thanks for reading and so glad you love the books!

      1. Just wondering how soon the IRISH LUCK book will be out, ive loved the excerpts!

      2. Hi Maya – it is going to the beta readers today, so hopefully by next weekend! Thanks for your support, I can’t wait for you to read it 🙂

      3. Hi Kate, just finished reading Irish Luck (it’s 3am here in Ireland). And I loved it, cant wait for future books in the series. Thanks sooooo much for all the effort put in to writing this book and getting it on my kindle.
        Xxx Maya.

  5. I never read the excerpts because I like to read the whole story from start to finish (and often in one go!), but I did read your intro to the excerpt and I’m excited to meet Deacon and Mairead properly. Keep writing – I can’t wait to keep reading!

  6. Hi! About a year ago, my friend recommended your books to me, and since then I’ve read and reread them many times! I absolutely love your work and am just wondering when you’re hoping to have Dream Once More out? I know that you’re probably very busy, I’m just wondering though as I can’t wait to read more about Kris, Van, and Marley’s adventures.

    Happy writing! ❤

    P.S I really like Jake's character and hope that you keep him in the books 🙂

    1. Hi Hannah! It’s great to hear that you love the books – thanks so much! I actually wrote about 7 pages of Dream Once More tonight…it’s never far from my mind, I really want to tell that story because I love it so much. The trouble is that sometimes I love a story so much that I can’t seem to get it on the page – it always seems better in my head. But I guess that’s what editing is for, and if it stays in my head, then nobody else gets to share it with me. Which would be a shame. So yes, I am writing Dream Once More, and I’m really hoping to have it done by Christmas this year. (I have probably written about 1/10th of it so far, so I have some work to do…) And don’t worry too much about Jake, he’ll be around 😉

  7. Hi Kate!
    I love your books so so so much! Your books are my fav and you’re my fav author! When will Clearwater Bay 3 come out? and when will dream once more come out? and pony jumpers 12? So excited for the new books to come out! I’ve read all the series like three times now! Did you own horses/ride at uni? Your books are so great, cannot wait for the new ones!

    1. Hi Michaela! Thanks for your message, so glad you like the books 🙂 I am currently working on Pony Jumpers 12, the other books are not currently in progress I’m sorry to say. Hopefully I’ll eventually find time to get them written though! I do still plan to write them someday. I did still own my old pony while I was at uni but I didn’t ride much except on occasional weekends when I was home. After I graduated, I used her as transport to take me to my weekend job teaching at a local riding school!

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