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4 thoughts on “Home

  1. If you ever make another book that is about Marley, Kris, and Van(like that series) can you PLEASE keep Van and Mike together and have Marley date Connor? I literally think they should date whenever I read about Marley and Connor. I really would like them both to have happily ever afters with each other.(not really that’d be unrealistic) But I mean I want them to further the relationship. Not just date and be like been there done that. I’m not really talking marriage because that’d be going a bit extreme… But to be honest I was thinking it.
    Okay thanks, I love your books by the way!! I hope you write forever!(Another thing that’s unrealistic, but a girl can dream!)

      1. I don’t mean way he acts weird. Like how he acted when Marley found out she had to sell Cruise in order for her family to keep their farm and pay some debts off. I meant when he was teasing her and it was more friendship than date appearance, not all gooey and cliche.

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