Short stories

UnicornHow the Unicorn Lost His Horn – Diamond Dust is a magical but lonely unicorn who discovers the most precious thing in the world – the unconditional love of a little girl.

Be Careful What You Wish For – a young girl is given magical crayons that will bring her drawing of her heart’s desire to life – but her artistic ability leaves a lot to be desired!

The Magic Pony – an abandoned pony is adopted by a witch who is not as wicked as she seems.

The (Slightly) Epic Saga of Buffalo Bill – tells the story of a starving young Connemara pony who dreams of a better life on a ranch in America.

Alice the Camel – Alice knows she is the prettiest pony on the farm, but when she overhears her rider saying she’s a camel, she decides to find out exactly what that means.

How Sweetpea Got Her Spots – Alice’s jealousy over Sweetpea’s distinctive spots lead her to try increasingly silly ways to get spots of her very own. (Download this story for FREE here: How Sweet Pea Got Her Spots)

I Do Believe in Fairies – Nobody believes Quint when she says she sees fairies in the pasture, but when she finally has a conversation with one, she learns an incredible truth.

Summer is on its way – Alice interviews the other horses on the farm about their anticipation of the coming summer.

Such Stuff as Dreams are Made On – the Horse Gods up in the heavens decide to create a perfect horse, but will anyone on earth truly appreciate and understand her?

Available as an e-book only. Download for only 99c here.

Cover art by Penelope Lattey.


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