The Coffee Pot Book Club  –  Review – Dare to Dream

“Set in the beautiful backdrop of New Zealand, and based on a true story, Dare to Dream is a riveting and beautiful page-turner. I commend Lattey for writing so exceptionally well and about such a diverse range of emotions – she really does describe them all – making her characters not only very well fleshed, but real in the telling. They had my sympathy, but also they inspired me – they never gave up, not once, even when everything seemed so hopeless.

This isn’t just another pony book – believe me, you haven’t read this one before. I really, really liked it and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this book to anyone.”

Jenn Explains it Y’All  –  Review of Nine Lives (Pony Jumpers #9)

“The central issue in this installment isn’t Squib, but one of Katy’s horses – the rather frustrating Tori, who gives new meaning the adage that you tell a gelding and ask a mare while on bended knee bearing gifts! AJ has fallen for the tempestuous Tori, but Katy isn’t convinced she’s worth keeping. Don’t worry – this doesn’t turn into AJ becoming Alec Ramsey taming a wild horse on a beach – Lattey is much too realistic to write anything like that, which is another thing I love about her books – yeah, anyone reading these can dream about being these characters, but their achievements are all very realistic and the result of hard work, not of omg-horsey-magic-bond. That’s way less common than you’d expect, and it’s really refreshing, and gives me renewed hope for my riding goals!”

Books, Mud and Compost. And Horses.  –  Review of Dare to Dream

“I absolutely loved Dare to Dream. My only regret is that pressure of work meant it was sitting on my ereader for weeks before I had time to read it. I finished it in tears. It’s moving, wrenching, funny. Goodness, it’s good.”

Books, Mud and Compost. And Horses.  –  Review of Dream On

“Kate Lattey has produced another tremendous, character-driven book, with every bit of authentic horsey detail you could wish for. I defy you not to cry at the end. If you haven’t already gone and loaded this on to your Kindle go and do it now. You won’t regret it.”

Brittney Joy Books  –  Review of Dare to Dream

Dare to Dream is truly a horse-lover’s novel! From page one through the end of this book, the equine adventures never quit – whether they involve riding bareback & barefoot to the local pond for a swim, the view from the back of a pony galloping through the show jumping arena, or the every day details of loving & caring for horses.”

Mara Dabrishus  –  Review of First Fence (Pony Jumpers #1)

“This is certainly no horse story fairy tale. Kate Lattey shows realistic horse ownership, and I think readers will appreciate that. No riding princesses to be found here, and no magic fixes. Everyone works for what they have, and there’s no one who knows that better than a horse girl.

Equus Education Blog  –  Review of First Fence (Pony Jumpers #1)

“First Fence is a great introduction to two young women from different backgrounds but with the same passion: horses. It is an easy and enjoyable read and filled with the most important thing – horses!”

Equus Education Blog  –  Review of Double Clear (Pony Jumpers #2)

“Double Clear does a great job of helping to reader to better get to know Katy. Throw in some interesting events, a lot of great horse scenes and information and you have another great read by New Zealand author, Kate Lattey.”

Equus Education Blog  –  Review of Triple Bar (Pony Jumpers #3)

“Susannah Andrews is portrayed in Double Clear as a spoilt brat. Even worse, she is known to abuse horses and shouldn’t be trusted – ever. When you’re able to see the story from Susannah’s point of view, things change drastically. Triple Bar does a great job of introducing the reader to Susannah and her complicated life where ponies are just as important as they are to AJ and Katy. It’s a great read in the series.”

Equus Education Blog  –  Review of Four Faults (Pony Jumpers #4)

“I think Four Faults is my favourite of this series so far! It has a little bit for everyone. There’s a budding romance, sibling rivalry, lots of horse scenes and even a health scare that makes you question your own mortality.”