Pony Jumpers series:

1 First Fence - DIGITAL (E1)     2 Double Clear - DIGITAL (E1)     3 Triple Bar - DIGITAL (E1)     4 Four Faults - DIGITAL (E1)

5 Five Stride Line - DIGITAL (E1)      6 Six to Ride - DIGITAL (E1)     7 Seventh Place - DIGITAL 150dpi     8 Eight Away - DIGITAL 150dpi     SE1 Jonty 150

Dare to Dream series:

Dare to Dream - DIGITAL (E3)      DO cover DIGITAL (E2)     

Clearwater Bay series:

CB1 NEW (150) RGB      CB2 NEW (150) RGB


4 thoughts on “Books

  1. I LOVE!!!! Your books. It super inspiring and very helpful! My gramma grew up with horses and I am still teaching her stuff I learned from YOUR books!:)
    Sometimes I dream that I am a charector from your books but when I wake up I am forced to come back to reality:( My horse Misty died this summer ( at the age of 30)and I am looking for a knew one because I want to learn to jump!
    Please email me back:) Annie
    PS: I think you should write about someone who has to fight to find time to ride other people’s horse ( like me) but unlike me end with a superstar pony of her own.
    Good luck with all the books your writing

    1. Hi Annie
      Thanks, I’m so pleased you like the books! I dream about the characters too sometimes, or I go to horse shows and expect to see them there…
      That’s a great idea for a story, I will definitely keep that in mind 🙂

    1. Hi Kelly
      As they are only available as e-books at the moment, then probably not. The Dare to Dream books are in a couple of libraries in New Zealand, but I forget which ones!
      Cheers, Kate

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