Top Ten

The real deal

In the Acknowledgements at the end of Pony Jumpers #10: TOP TEN, I mentioned that some of the ponies that I’d written the story around were inspired by real-life equines. When I decided to set the book in another country, I spent a lot of time watching videos of horses and ponies on that side of the world to try and get a feel for what the competition scene was like over there, and there were a few ponies and riders that caught my eye and ended up, in my mind at least, in the book.

Here is a selection of some of my favourite videos, and those that had the biggest influence on me. I’ll leave it up to you to match the horses and ponies below with their fictional counterparts – I doubt you’ll have any trouble doing so.

The Dark Emperor (Kate Lewis, England)


Tixylix (Jodie Hall-McAteer, England)


Dynamite Spartacus (Abbie Sweetnam, Ireland)


Dingle (Hannah Fleming, Ireland)


Kilimandjaro Van Orchids (Kate Lewis, England)


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