Pony Jumpers series · Seventh Place

Pony Jumpers #7 : Seventh Place

AVAILABLE NOW from Amazon online stores!

Susannah is halfway through her best show jumping season yet, and when the opportunity for selection on an international tour comes along, she’s determined to prove her worth to the selectors. But she quickly discovers that not everyone is willing to forgive and forget what has gone before, and a place on the team is far from assured. When an error of judgement that leads Susannah down a path she never thought she would tread, she finds herself right back where she started – on the outside, looking in.

But that all becomes insignificant when something goes wrong with Buck, her veteran show jumping pony, and nobody seems to know how to make him better.

Can Susannah figure out how to help her pony before it’s too late?

7 Seventh Place - DIGITAL 150dpi





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