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Judging a book by its cover

judging by cover

I wrote a blog post for Horse Crossings this week that talks about the importance of a good cover. And it got me thinking. While I’m super happy with the Dare to Dream and Pony Jumpers covers, the Clearwater Bay ones leave a little to be desired.

I didn’t design the cover of Flying Changes – I supplied the image and the rest was done for me. When I released Against the Clock, I set up the file to look similar to the first book, to make it clear it was part of a series.

But now I’m thinking of re-doing both covers… like this:



2 thoughts on “Judging a book by its cover

    1. Haha I’m not the greatest at InDesign which is what I used for this, you should’ve seen the previous version! This was about as good as I can get it…the blend is actually identical in both but the second image is naturally lighter at the bottom. I’ll have another play with it and see if I can’t get the blend a little softer. Glad you like them!

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