Clearwater Bay series

Initial cover design for Against the Clock

Here’s a little sneak peek at what the cover of Clearwater Bay #2 – Against the Clock might look like…what do you think?

CB2 AtC cover

Clearwater Bay series

Clearwater Bay #2 :: Against the Clock

Been wondering what the sequel to “Flying Changes” will be about? Here’s the back cover blurb to give you a quick preview!

A new season is starting and Jay is ready to prove to the show jumping world that she and Finn are a force to be reckoned with, as she sets her sights firmly on competing at Cambridge Show Jumping Champs.

But first she has to make it onto the team, and she is forced to contend with injuries, peer pressure and her father’s new girlfriend as she battles her way into training camp – only to be told that Finn is far too talented to be wasted on a rider like her.

Overcome with self-doubt, Jay starts to wonder whether she has set her sights and ambitions far too high.

Can she really take Finn to the top, or is she the one holding her back?

Dare To Dream

Entering phase two…

My new book, “Dare to Dream” (formerly known as Cruise Control), is home from the publishers with a very polite “thanks but no thanks”.

Full credit to the publishers though, they did seriously consider the book and made some very positive comments – “plenty of action and drama”…”a wonderfully developed and strong cast of characters” and “very relevant issues addressed” but have regretfully declined the book as being too much of a ‘niche’ topic (show jumping) for their broader readership.

Which is disappointing, but understandable (and food for thought). So I’m now looking at e-book publishing options for the book, as I don’t think it’s really able to have the show jumping edited out without losing the essential plot, so watch this space…